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[IFComp] Kerkerkruip
fire hazard
Summary: Kerkerkruip is a combat-focused game with randomly generated elements. It is apparently similar to a "roguelike" in these regards, and also in having permanent death if you lose - you have to restart entirely. Unlike traditional roguelikes (or so I read; I was not previously familiar with them) it does not have graphics, ASCII-based or otherwise. In this game, you play a nameless knight/adventurer/something who is out to kill a wizard in a dungeon.

The programming of this game was, I suspect, rather complex. This is quite a departure from IF as I've played it, and may be a pretty innovative merger of two kinds of gaming. It seems like the technical aspects are well done, between the random generation of the dungeon, the stats system, the special modifiers for a wide variety of monsters and items...

...but it really isn't my kind of game. At all. When I read "Combat takes center stage," my heart kind of sunk. I played D&D for a whole fall and winter, every single Saturday, but the draw was entirely in the story, the improv acting aspect - not in strategizing around dice rolls in battle. Kerkerkruip is very much a dungeon crawl. I appreciate that some people like that, and find it an enjoyable strategy and logic puzzle. But it's never appealed to me, and there's not enough else here to keep me playing.

The story, as a story, is quite thin. The player character is nameless and has very little explained motivation other than to kill the wizard because the prince doesn't like him. Presumably the wizard is evil, which is supported by the fact that there are scary monsters all over his castle/dungeon/place, but I don't actually *know* that.

I played through twice. The first time it took me a grand total of 4 turns to die. Then I discovered that there was a Beginner's Guide, which told me what the heck was going on. Thus, the second time, I lasted a bit longer... but still not very long. This kind of game is not my forte. I had only played maybe half an hour, much less than the two-hour maximum cutoff for Comp judging. But I wasn't having fun, so I quit.

I might come back to this game and mess around with it a bit more, see if I can do any better, but with 37 other games in the competition I don't know that I'll have time.
One piece of advice I'll send to the author of the game is to advertise the Beginner's Guide more clearly in the opening menu. My first playthrough was completely baffling because I missed it. I know it was in there, bundled with the other game files - but I didn't bother opening each of those to explore them before getting into the game. I'm leaving this note outside of the cut because I don't consider it spoiler-y and because I think it would help others to know that such a thing existed.
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